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ZBT #153: Miles Lagoze / Kate Broke Her Nose

Round 0: Kate explains how she broke her nose during a Monday morning briefing

Round 1:The Marine Corps Commandant personally invited MARSOC Trailblazer to become an officer but she wanted that sweet, sweet DD214 more than a butter bar

Round 2: Miles Lagoze, the film maker and Marine who shot the documentary Combat Obscura, joins us to talk about the process of the film and the reaction its received.

Round 3: The Air Force should be the envy of all other branch for at least a moment. They are gonna do a gender neutral fitness for every single airmen. Next up, get rid of the age standards.

Round 4: Hotel Workers were fired after posting a sign that said they’d no longer be serving military members or families at their hotel bar. Can we really blame them? A deep dive is needed.