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Red Line Radio EP94 ft. White Sox Opening Day Starter Carlos Rodon Is LIVE!

The White Sox takeover of Red Line Radio continues this week, this time with White Sox opening day starter Carlos Rodon.

But first, a little brief background into the interview:

I had emailed the White Sox a list of names to interview before we embarked on our 3 day trip to Arizona a few weeks back.  They offered all execs and players the choice to either hop on the show or not.  Most did, some didn’t.  Rodon was the only maybe.  The day we had the RV set up at Camelback Ranch, Rodon was scheduled to pitch and we never heard from the team whether he was in or not.  In the meantime, a monsoon struck the Phoenix area and their game got banged without our knowledge, so I was at the ticket booth picking up our tickets and I get back to the RV and Rodon was just chillin in the RV.  Had no idea he was gonna hop on.  So, we were forced to kind of wing it while enjoying a few great tasting, less filling Miller Lites

BUT that doesn’t take away from it being a pretty funny interview.  Carl and I gave him advice on how to command his pitches better since we’re former division 1 walk-ons and bullpen catchers, we talked about all the deer he whacked this winter, what it’s like being the elder statesman of a young team, and yes, we talked about Manny Machado.

There wasn’t any major Bears news this week, Chief and his Blackhawks are clinging on to life support, and the Cubs sent Ian Happ down to the minors, launching Carl into one of his patented A+ rants.

Loaded show and we’re not stopping here.  Next week we have ASU head coach Tracy Smith on the show (he’s fucking hilarious) and we’re working on former Illini great Dee Brown for the show that proceeds the Final 4.

All gas, no brakes, let’s fucking go!  HIT IT!