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Hard Factor 3/21: Huge Philly Coke Bust, Adderall & Hot Tea Are Bad, & We Put A Sick YouTuber In The Soft Corner

 Philly Coke Heads Are Not Happy About Huge Drug Bust

philly coke

Authorities seized 1,000 lbs of cocaine at a port in Philadelphia and coke heads in Philly are probably not happy about it.  The combined street value of the bust was 18 million dollars, but was not nearly the biggest bust in our great countries history.  In 1989 a warehouse in CA was busted with 21 tons of cocaine inside, at the time it had a street value of 6 billion.

Soft Corner!!  These Pieces of Shit Tortured Adopted Kids, All While Making Them Perform In YouTube Videos


A woman who adopted 7 children and started a VERY popular YouTube in which she made them perform in sketches, has been arrested because she was not only collecting checks from YouTube, but also torturing her kids.  Her YouTube channel titled “Fantastic Adventures”, which had over 250 million views and over 800,000 followers has since been taken down and her and her sons are going to jail and are permanently in the Soft Corner.

Adderall & Hot Tea Are Featured In A “Health Scare” Segment


Apparently Adderall can cause psychosis… Who knew that stuffing yourself with Government Methamphetamine could cause your brain to turn on itself??  Also, VERY hot tea can increase your risk of esophageal cancer, probably because when you drink 140 degree tea you are constantly burning your esophagus, leaving it susceptible to cancer…maybe.

Lightening Round:

– Crazy bus driver in Italy sets a bus full of middle schoolers ablaze.

– President Trump needs to chill with insulting John McCain

– Weight loss update






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