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BREAKING: Big Cat is the new Executive Producer of Failing Upwards and joins us for a marathon podcast covering his true thoughts on Tucker Carlson, Call Her Daddy overtaking PMT, the art of The Art of The Deal™️, Odell Beckham Jr. getting traded in real time live on air and so much more. Our pandering levels are over 9000!


We finally got him, ladies and gentlemen. The pander ep of the goddamn millennium is upon us. This week, FU is joined by Pardon My Take’s Dan “Big Cat” Katz. Big Cat hits the stu for a marathon sesh with the boys to talk The Art of the Deal™?, pitch his best ideas to take the pod nuclear, experience the Odell Beckham Jr. trade live on air and more. You don’t wanna miss this because Dan said he’s never coming back on. Like ever. Seriously.