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Red Line Radio EP93 Featuring Ryan Burr, Carson Fulmer and Seby Zavala of the Chicago White Sox

Carl and I are down here live from Phoenix, AZ hustling interview after interview, and this week’s episode of Red Line Radio is more loaded than a Chicago style hot dog from an Arizona gas station.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 6.14.29 AM

That thing was a perfect 10/10 hot dog.

ANYWAYS – great interviews all the way around.  These three guys will be part of the future core that starts winning baseball games sooner than later. Burr has already made an impact out of the Sox pen and is a future high leverage relievers.  Michael Kopech told us that Zavala is going to be a dude and just flat out rakes.  His career MiLB numbers support that.  Carson Fulmer?  He breaks down his work with Drive Line, a pitching school out in Kent, WA, that is revolutionizing the science of pitching.  He has struggled this far for a first round pick, but is working his absolute dick off to be an impact guy once again.

Loaded show – Rick Hahn is on deck along with Dylan Cease, Carlos Rodon, Daniel Palka, and more.

All gas, no brakes let’s go, HIT IT!