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Hard Factor 3/7: SCANDAL in Canada, A Cure For HIV?, and a Vengeful German Gardener + Weight-Loss Update

On today’s episode of Hard Factor – Barstool’s daily news podcast…

A Canadian Scandal!
Trudeau 2The Canadian government is in “shambles” because Canucks are so darn moral. Apparently Canada’s favorite son (and possibly the son of one or more members of The Rolling Stones) has been pressuring cabinet ministers to give a break to massive engineering company SNC-Lavalin – who has apparently been doing some shady things in Libya. SNC-Lavalin happens to be one of the biggest employers for the people of America’s hat via government contracts. There in lies the rub. Truth be told – if you’re not bribing and doing business with an iron fist in Libya, you’re doing it wrong. 

Cure For HIV? 


For the second time in history a person has been fully cured of HIV.  Which seems like amazing news – but  don’t throw away your Trojans quite yet. It’s possible to get the cure you might also need to get cancer…? That can’t be right. Either way this is middling news. 


If you live in West Germany, you know that you DO NOT FUCK WITH 59 year-old German gardener Bernhard Graumann. He is a man who knows how to hold a grudge. The vengeful seedsman was found dead in his home on Friday leaving countless untrimmed hedges, oh and also a bunch of booby trapped bombs at the homes of anyone that ever crossed him – including his long time doctor and some other poor lady that probably criticized his mowing job.

Also a Lighting Round of other headlines + a weight-loss update (Spoiler: we’re slightly less fat)

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