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ZBT #147: Blade & Spray featuring Mike Viti

ROUND 1:Lt. Colonel Geisel was this soldier’s name, but he and Dr. Seuss were one in the same! We tell this famous author’s military story, & we promise you it won’t be a bore-ey.

ROUND 2: It’s always great to see fellow devil dogs succeed & rise up the ranks in life, buuuut not so much when it’s to the top of a Mexican cocaine cartel. Hear about the Marine who’s just been caught as Kingpin of the Los Zetas.

ROUND 3: When we talk about “skating” in the military it’s normally slang for “slacking off” but a video of a Libyan rebel soldier literally skating into a firefight on roller blades is making the rounds on social media. We talk a little tactical scoot bootin’.

ROUND 4: Cons interviews his buddy Mike Viti. Mike is the current fullbacks coach at West Point and former Army Captain but what is truly wild is that he walked 7100km across the country a few years ago for gold star families.

ROUND 5: The U.S. has put out a $1M reward for Hamza Bin Laden, son of the now sea dwelling terrorist & massive asshole Osama Bin Laden, and even Saudi Arabia is taking action against him now.