ZBT #146: Congressman Adam Kinzinger

Round 1: A Navy Sailor was punished and had to tap paint off of a ship for three days with a ball peen hammer. We love creative punishments and this one applies.

Round 2: Interested in working dogs who rip out the throats of terrorists with their teeth? Well, boy do we have a story for you. We are gonna talk about the dog who saved 6 British special forces fighters from a jihadi ambush in Syria with his mufugin teeth

Round 3: Transgender troops appeared before Congress to promote inclusion as litigation and debate continues over Trump’s policy to exclude Trans folks from serving & Kate is BIGLY triggered

Round 4: Uncle Chaps chops it up with Congressman Adam Kinzinger about his deployment to the Southern Border and the DRAMA that is unfolding with the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin

Round 5: A captured Indian Pilot praises the Pakistani Army for their hospitality and we’re sure he wasn’t coerced into that at all. NOTHING would be scarier than getting captured.