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What Is The Most Disappointed You've Ever Been In Your Favorite Team?

Yesterday was a bad day in the Chicago Office. Real bad. The White Sox, Machado, and Portnoy turned our office Bulldog, WSD, into a mouse. Hate to see it. Here is the thing though, even if WSD doesn’t know it yet, he’s not a mouse. I think he’s having a hard time separating his genuine disappointment in not getting Machado with the onslaught he insults he got from Portnoy and the internet, then also dealing with White Sox fans. It was chaos. In my opinion the White Sox did everything they could. They offered a package that would’ve netted Machado $350M and they lost out to an offer from the Padres for $300M. Nothing the organization can do about that. So when Portnoy tried to bully him into getting arrested or chaining himself to the statue…how does that make sense? That is an idiotic take. This wasn’t Reinsdorf being cheap. They put the highest dollar package together, Machado passed. And don’t tell me about the guaranteed $50M difference either. I want a guy who is willing to go out and earn it. Especially when the White Sox did everything in their power, including signing Manny’s friends, to make it happen. The narrative needs to be spun.

I don’t think yesterday cracks the top 3 most disappointing things to happen in Chicago this calendar year. The Cubs absolutely choked away the end of 2018, the Blackhawks fired Joel, and then the double doink by Cody Parkey. Those are all worse in my opinion.

I’m trying to think of the most disappointed I’ve been in one of my teams as far as off the field stuff goes and it honestly might be the Joel firing. He is my kind of coach and it was sudden and poorly timed. I am still fucking pissed about it even though the Hawks are about to be back in the playoffs. Nothing else really comes close. The Bulls are completely imcompetent, but there’s not a particular moment that stands out that is worse than what the Hawks brass did to Joel and then how they rationalized it and lied about it after the fact.

I want to know what you guys think was worse. List them out on twitter or in the comments.