Schnitt Talk S1E18: This Week is For The Boys #FTB

This week, we answered some questions from our male listeners. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that men will DM you whether you want them to or not, so I may as well harness their power for good. I decided to do this episode because on Friday night, this very nice guy DMd me asking about a girl he liked, and he was really sweet about it. As a rule, I ignore DMs from guys and answer girls who need help, but this guy seemed genuine, so I answered. And I really felt like I helped him. It made me think that maybe I should revisit my rule. So I asked, and I received. You guys sent a LOT of DMs. Within the first 5 minutes, we already had sixty or so questions.

So, every month or so, we’ll be doing a #FTB episode. We talk about sort of the basics of interacting with women on this one, so we’ll end up getting more and more specific and weird every time we do this. This episode covers the “friendzone” or lack thereof, plus texting etiquette (how to send a drunk text 101, does the guy always have to text first, is it shady to use snapchat message, etc.), and how to approach a girl at a bar (using a wing WOMAN is crucial!!). We also talk the Valentine’s day party and I play, verbatim, a voicemail I received from a guy a few years ago that I saved to cry over.

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