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I Agreed To Coffee With Sex Dungeon Guy As Long As The Boys Go Too

In case you missed it, I got one of the creepiest pieces of physical mail of all time last week. I had to blog about it because anything that’s sent to HQ is just begging to be content. Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 11.39.07 AM

Well our guy Nick had the balls to call in to the show on Friday to defend himself. Of course, he chose the day to call in when we were pounding bowls of red wine, so he was already at a disadvantage. But he held his own. The exchange starts at 1:47:15 of this week’s ‘More Fire’.

I still don’t know why the guy didn’t ask to be the guy WITH me in the sex dungeon, but hey he had his reasons. In the end, I agreed to go on a coffee date with him as long as Kevin and Jared go (and a sex dungeon will not be involved, for the record). I don’t know if I actually meant it or it was just the wine talking.

Content, baby!!

I mean that clip says it all. This “More Fire” episode is… fire. (Don’t worry, I hate myself for that too). We had Super Bowl champ Kyle Van Noy arguing with Kevin (19:21) , Alex Bregman telling Jared that he knows nothing about playing in the MLB (47:15), Dave Portnoy and White Sox Dave going at it about #PitchGate (1:16:10) and much more.

Trust me, this episode will make those Monday scaries easier. We’re live every day from 1-3 ET on Power 85. Call in. Subscribe. Get weird.