ZBT #142: Turkey, Globe & Anchor Sandwich ft. ToeYouUp

Round 1: Late Microsoft Co-Founder Paull Allen found the Hornet…at the bottom of the Sea

Round 2: Marine Recruits On Parris Island Tried To Remake a 100-year-old photo of a living Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The remake looks more like a Turkey, Globe, and anchor.

Round 3: A watchdog report suggests broadcasting the 9/11 and USS Cole Bombing Trials Online: Are we in, or out on this idea?

Round 4: Marine Corps vet and Twitch Streamer “ToeYouUp” joins the squad to tell us how he is dominating in the new game Apex Legends, while using his toes on the controller.

Round 5: ZBT History. Jesse Brown was the first black naval fighter pilot. His story is an inspiration and the Medal of Honor citation that accompanies his rescue attempt will leave you with your mouth open like a codfish.