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Schnitt Talk S1E17: Love Yourself On V-Day (No, Not Like That)

On this week’s episode of Schnitt Talk, we talk about my favorite holiday, Valentine’s day. Anyways, just gave it a quick listen, and we talk about what to do about Valentine’s day no matter what type of relationship you happen to be in. We also talk gifts– when do you get em, and what type do you give depending on how deep in a relationship you happen to be.

There’s a sliding scale of relationships. It’s like the Kinsey scale.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 12.33.44 PM

Just replace “heterosexual” with “fully single” and “homosexual” with “fully in a relationship” and that’s our sliding scale. If you’re a zero or a six you don’t really have to worry about Valentine’s day, but if you’re anywhere in the middle? We’ve got your back. Listen on iTunes or Spotify.