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ZBT #140: Reds, Whites & Blue

Round 1(3m): Hear why an Air Force General’s uniform was the talk of the town & had Chaps Triggered at Tuesday’s SOTU Address

Round 2(13:30m): There’s a huge argument amongst active duty folks right now, and ZBT is here to embrace the debate & settle it once & for all.

Round 3(22m):The Navy admits that its new $760 million aircraft carrier defense system is… A total failure!

Round 4(27m): We’ve got an interview with former Infantryman turned wine expert & restaurateur Daniel Kim. Dont look like a boot ass bitch when you’re pairing wine with your chicken chunks MRE.

Round 5(48m): SCUTTLEBUTT!  We asked our followers on Twitter & Instagram to give us military themed restaurant names & they did NOT disappoint.