Hard Factor 2/7: Virginia Governorship is a Dumpster Fire, Maduro Blocks Aid to Venezuela, and LIVE POWER HOUR HYPE


The Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring, second in line to take over the Virginia governorship, took it upon himself to tell the world that he attended a party in 1980 in blackface, adding to the dumpster fire that is Virginia politics in 2019. President of Maduro in Venezuela has used a military blockade on a bridge to bock foreign aid coming from the US to feed the supporters of his challenger, Gauido. Finally a Lightning Round of other topics, including the suicide text girl, suitcase murder in Connecticut, Meghan Markle’s “best friends,” NASA’s climate report, a Hard Factor Hard Body Weight Loss Competition update, and details on the LIVE POWER HOUR on Periscope TONIGHT 9 PM ET.

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