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Atlanta Was 'More Fire' Than We Expected (See What I Did There?)

What a week, folks!

I’ll be honest, my body has no idea what the fuck is going on. Getting on an airplane VERY early today after last night’s antics to make it back for radio was as hard as I expected it to be. But so worth it. With this being my first Super Bowl week with Barstool, I can assure you that there’s nothing like it. It’s one gigantic sleep over full of making content 24/7 and remembering that we just live in a different reality than everybody else.

Barstool won Super Bowl 53 plain and simple. In so many ways. I mean if you’ve turned on the news this week, you know why. Clearly Dave getting kicked out of Mercedes Benz last night was the climax to a week where the blog didn’t sleep.

It honestly feels like it was a year ago that the crew got to Laguardia heading out to Atlanta thinking that Feits may or may have not died. From the daily vlogs to movie nights to radio shows at the Ivy to KFC Radio to Pup Punk to Rough N Rowdy to alarming amounts of serial killer talk to the MHOC to Feits dancing shirtless after the Pats W, our CCKFC crew had itself  A TIME.

In this week’s “More Fire”, we give you the best of the week on the road including interviews with Waka Flocka (legend), Melvin Gordon (who kicked a helmet off stage), Kordell Stewert (who has the name young Feits wanted) and much, much more.

Never a dull moment. There’s no doubt about that. I’m so #blessed to have a group of guys like Kev, Feits and Jared to make content with. The best guys around… even though they give me shit 24/7. By the way, big time shout out BC and Logan for all their hard work to make us look good especially this week. We couldn’t do it without you guys.

Thanks to everybody who came out for the shows this week of consumed everything from home. We’re back at our normal time slot (1-3 ET) on Sirius (and hopefully back to our normal selves ASAP).

Come get weird.

PS – If you have tickets to the Super Bowl, don’t dick around and wait for somebody else to pull the trigger. Pull it yourself. Who cares if you sit alone? And most importantly, don’t agree to send a rogue Venmo payment for tickets bought outside the stadium right before the actual ticket offices close. You’ll end up not getting into the game. #SuperFacts