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Large Wants To Eat His Dog

I think we can all agree that Large is the Ichiro of Barstool*. He was a superstar in a foreign land (A finance blog during Internet 1.0) before coming to a more established place in search of exposure and cash which led to becoming the Rookie of the Year and the MVP. He is beloved by both readers and coworkers alike. You never hear someone say a bad word about him, partially because he is so personable and partially because he is a massive human that is BFFs with Willie Colon and they strike me as people that would have no problem putting someone through a table as Barstool’s Dudley Boyz.

Anyway, Barstool’s new golden boy is on the record as wanting to eat his own dog and potentially even worse if necessary (around the 44:00 mark). Again, I’m not here to slander the big man because I love him more than pretty much all the other assholes I work with because he knows the pain of being a parent while working at Barstool while everyone else lives fantasy lives. But I thought the people should know that their new favorite blogger and Barstool’s boxing guy may be a bigger fan of Manny Pacquiao’s dad than he is of Manny Pacquiao.

Untitled 4

Also on the episode we discuss the kid that called in a bomb threat on his parents plane so they wouldn’t visit him, is parents should skip death scenes in Disney movies (RIP In Peace Mufasa), if it’s okay to bail on weddings if you have a kid (the answer is ALWAYS yes because you should be using kids as an excuse for the rest of your life), and I breakdown my first power rankings of my kids.

*Do NOT tell Large I called him the Ichiro of Barstool. I don’t know what he would retort with, but it would probably get us sued or hit pieced to hell.