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Is He Stalking Her Or Is She Just Full Of Herself?

We never know what we’re going to get into on a daily basis on CCK. It’s a circus across the board. And every once in a while we’ll get a call that sends us spiraling.

Last week, we had a girl call in to ask us if we think she’s being stalked and what she should do about it.

Her case:
– She’s never met the guy
– He’s been liking and commenting on her pictures for years (None of us remember exactly how long she said, but it was definitely multiple years)
– Consistently sliding in her DMs without any answer
– And most recently, she posted her apartment complex on her IG story and he responded with something along the lines of “oh shit, I’m moving there soon!”

We had so many questions. Is he actually creepy? Is she giving herself way too much credit? Why would she post where she lives on social media in the first place? Even if he is a creep, what to do you do next? If you accuse him of being creepy and he’s not, how much of an asshole are you? Etc…

Kev, Feits and I discussed and – per usual on CCK – we went verrrry far down a rabbit hole.

Our final solutions:
Kevin: Just give up. Date him even if he is stalking you.
Feits: Make him think the complex is built on an Indian burial ground and scare him with walkie-talkies in his pillows. (I have no idea how this works, but he was adamant it would)
Me: Hide teeth in your apartment where he can find them and he’ll for sure think you’re a serial killer and run away.*

***I didn’t make it known enough on air that I was referencing the show “You”. The boys thought I came up with that gem all on my own. I don’t know if I should be proud or sad that they think I’m that crazy.

This is the problem with 2019. We post so much of our lives on social media that when people show interest in it, we can’t decide if they’re normal people shooting their shots or people that want to trap you in their basement and never let you out.

Tomato, tomatoe.

Zero chance we actually helped our caller, but whatever.

Another issue that I’ve run into as I’m writing this blog is that if the “stalker” in said fictional scenario is hot. Then you’ve got a whole different problem… like kinda wanting to be stalked (???). One of my favorite music videos of all time is Maroon 5 “Animals” where Adam Levine’s character is stalking and fantasizing about fucking his real life wife. It’s somehow incredibly sexy.

Again, I don’t know what that says about me that I’d maybe ok with this scenario. But here we are. Plus, how many guys would turn down a certified 10 being creepy and maybe blurring the lines of stalking? Probably not many.

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