New York’s next Daft Punk joins Failing Upwards to lay the ground rules for not getting milly rocked to death in the club. If you’re like us and you love to dance (and do hard drugs) like nobody’s watching listen up because you’re about to become the new king of nightlife.

Jimmy and Larry never miss. Season 7 stays surgical with a 4 mic masterpiece, featuring No Losses aka Young Costanza and Topshelf Tyson. YC and Topshelf join the boys to talk Milly Rocking innocent bystanders to death, going viral on the timeline, soundtracking the night of your goddamn life and more. Then, in Captain’s Log/Letters to Home, a moving tribute to a silent, but crucial member of the Fail Gang who is no longer with us. Rest In peace, Carolyn, you dead bitch. We love you. You will live on in our hearts and minds forever. Salute.