Barstool News Update - January 23rd, 2019

New idea we’re banging out over here once again on the audio side of things here at Barstool. A daily News Update with all the major and/or funny quick hitting stories occurring in the last 24 hours, presented with the Barstool slant. The idea is to create a 5-10 minute micro-podcast every day to keep you up to date and informed on all the water cooler talk you’ll hear at work (but you’ll hear the humorous side of things as opposed to Alice in Accounting who’s trying to explain why the government shutdown is affecting her daughter who works at the Post Office) and all the happy hour banter you’ll need when you head out for a few drinks after work (so you know what the fuck you’re talking about in a social setting and can maybe steal a joke or 5). As podcasts continue to permeate any and all devices we want to have an offering that works on everything that can possibly play our content. So the latest vision we have is when you wake up in the morning and ask “Alexa, play the news” you can set your Alexa or Echo or Echo Spot to include the Barstool News Update in your rotation. Most people play some snoozefest NPR update or one of the major news networks to play some lame attempt at journalism…we want you to put Barstool in there so you can get all your headlines, plus some jokes and takes you can pass off as your own.

We’re also able to break out each minute long topic as essentially its own stand alone audio blog. Which we plan on dropping in periodically throughout the day on the Barstool Sports Sirius XM channel in between show transitions and coming in an out of commercial breaks. If you’re familiar with WFAN/CBS Sports Radio, think the CBS Sports Minute that has each of the hosts spitting their take on the topic of the day. It bolsters the Sirius channel with more original content and spices up the flow of the programming from 7am to 7pm.

I’ve always wanted to do a daily podcast of sorts thats essentially like the Rundown but obviously not as reliant upon viral videos since this isnt something youre watching. I used to do Daily Mail on Tuesday Wednesday Friday as a solo podcast where I was reading the weird news of the day and offering up commentary. This is a shortened, tighter, more official, and more informative version of that show. Thats whats pretty cool about having been at Barstool for so long now. After 10 years, things that were dead and gone resurface in a new iteration. Some ideas were ahead of its time and can be revived to hopefully thrive in the new climate. Or an old idea that never quite worked can be tweaked to work under current circumstances. With the new Sirius Channel and new devices like Alexa and Google Assistant and Siri, theres a place for short form audio with the Barstool slant to live. So thats what we’re gonna give you. Every morning, you can count on your Barstool News Update to keep you funny and up to speed.