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Red Line Radio EP4: Kyle Long's First Interview Since The Bears Lost

We’re one step closer to normal life after a long week of no Bears. Kyle Long joins us this week to help find closure and chat about daytime television programming like Good Morning America, The Today show, etc. In and around that, Kyle gives context to what to expect in 2019 and blah blah blah. He’s one of the most respected guys in the Bears’ locker room and he joins us for his first interview since the Bears lost. So idk what to tell you if that doesn’t get you to listen to this shit. Bears’ Captain this week. Leave a review forchrissakes.

ALSO this week, extended debates on who had the worst loss between Bears Chiefs & Saints, and whether or not D Rose should come back to Chicago. It’s my personal opinion Chief should be banned for his thoughts on this. Banned from where you ask? Everywhere.

Also included: a story about my time at the Cubs’ convention and how I accidentally got hammered at Don Shula’s steakhouse at the Sheraton. WSD finds time to give us another update on Manny Machado. Idk if WSD is tired of talking about it but he basically threw out a Scoop City without saying it was a real SC that Manny would be on the Sox. So buy some goddamn merch.

Also included: Chief’s explanation that the Hawks are officially dead but not really because there’s a non-zero chance, whatever the fuck that means. I just asked Chief for further clarification and he literally just said They have a non-zero percent chance of making the team but they are a zero team if that makes sense. It does. The Hawks stink.

Finally: Beefs, voicemails, and a very light grabbag to close out the show. We’re still licking our wounds as we look to baseball season.

PS the Bulls suck.