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ZBT #134: What Really Happened on the USS Fitzgerald

Today’s rounds:

R1 (3min): Chaps is triggered by military bro instagram star workout videos. Is he being a little bitch?

R2 (12min): An update from last episode: A sailor who was onboard when the USS Fitzgerald was involved in a collision joins us to correct the record. TLDR; Shut the fuck about the piss bottles.

R3 (25:45): Football player Alohi Gilman waves Aloha to haters who are butthurt about him leaving the Naval Academy for Notre Dame and a potential shot at the NFL.

R4 (33:30): Steve Carell & the minds behind The Office are launching a new show, Space Force! Is it possible for him to make a successful workplace comedy?

To cap off, we pay tribute to deceased Medal Of Honor recipient Col. Joe Jackson.