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Getting Birthday Cucked By Your Own Kid Is The Worst Thing Ever

We had a question pop up in the mailbag from a dad whose son was born on his birthday. Chaps and I mentioned how while it sucks losing your birthday to your kid along with your freedom, sanity, and every dollar you’ve ever owned, in the end birthdays don’t really mean much once you hit our age. Large however went to a dark place. A place I have never seen the Large man go before. See, Large is a Christmas baby and lived his whole life being the 2nd banana to his own Lord and savior. If that doesn’t fuck you up a bit, nothing will. It actually kinda explains his outlook on the world when you think about it. He also tried to spinzone everything by saying if you and your dad did the same thing by yourselves on your shared birthday, it would be really cool. That is until your dad died and every birthday was a reminder of the man you lost. Like I said, the big fella was in a dark place yesterday. So ladies, if you are able to hold that kid inside of you for another few hours, you may alleviate your husband and child of any potential life-altering birthday situations like the one Large apparently deals with on a daily basis. We also delved into birthday party etiquette for both younger kids and older kids as well as that story of the family that was forced to sit on the floor during their entire flight.

Will Large’s mic actually work or will it sound like he is broadcasting live from the bottom of the ocean as Chaps exhales loudly like a little bitch? Tune in and find out!