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Lets Talk About Safe Words

Clancy and the Rockets Week 7. Everything from “Sex Sent Me To The ER,” Britt McHenry is a fraud, Kill Yourself Culture in the national spotlight, Strip Club scams, and the Adam Gase era beginning in New York. Francis popped in, so did Tommy Smokes. A full week of CCK content condensed in a 2 hour 15 minute podcast. A lot to dig into but the most intriguing conversation of the week came discussing Safe Words. This is a concept I’ve discussed before but I think the world should have an agreed upon Safe Word that makes breaking up a lot less difficult. I firmly believe that breaking up with someone is the most awkward, hurtful, and difficult thing someone can do to another person. You have to go right up to the person that loves you the most, look them right in the eye, and say “I prefer to not have you in my life anymore.” Thats BRTUAL. And it comes with a lot of tip toeing and explaining and sugar coating and the whole thing turns into a heart breaking and ugly experience. People want explanations, they want rebuttals, they want to debate and argue. They want to either change your mind or understand every reason why. Which is basically impossible because we’re talking about emotions and emotions arent rational. They arent “right” or “wrong.” Its just something you feel that you cant change even if you wanted to.

So the whole break up process so intimidating and scary and exhausting that we, as a society, need to streamline this process. Which is why I propose a uniform, standard, across the board Safe Word that the whole country agrees upon to use during break ups. So we eliminate the “We have to talk” type of bullshit where you know you’re a dead man walking. Just call that person up, say “PINEAPPLE” and then its a socially binding interaction that means you understand you’re being dumped. No messy questions. No futile attempts to change their mind. Its less disrespectful than ghosting and its less messy than a Seinfeld 12 hour break up. It will save everyone a lot of time and heartache. And no matter how hurtful it seems to you in the moment to have your life ended with someone just saying “Pineapple,” just know that one day the tables will be turned and you’ll be the Pinappler, not the Pineapllee. Make Breakups Easy Again. MBEA.

CCK Vlog Week 7: