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Lights Camera Barstool Ep. 117 - The Rock Has Wild Instagram Captions, New Spider-Man Trailer This Week, Does Glass Stink? and Combining Two Movie's Plots

It’s a Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here) Sunday and we read The Rock’s ridiculous ‘Fast and Furious’ post, discussed if M. Night re-jinxed the Eagles and much more!

0:00 – Good football teams and wearing suits
7:40 – Leaving a theater with popcorn is scary
8:37 – Pooping in movie theaters
11:51 – Apparently ‘Glass’ stinks
17:47 – Gambit (!!!) movie has been shelved
22:27 – Ninja Turtles rebooting again
27:21 – Black Widow movie maybe R-rated; horny dudes excited?
30:39 – Ad Read #1
32:36 – Saw writers rebooting Final Destination
36:19 – Coming To America 2 is happening
39:23 – Billy Zane comeback?
40:23 – Hobbs & Shaw; The Rock’s wild Instagram caption
46:33 – Ad Read #2
47:49 – Audience Questions


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