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Mark Buehrle Was Pounding Beer When He Closed Out Game 3 of the World Series In 2005

This week on Red Line Radio, we interviewed White Sox legend AJ Pierzynski.  I touched on it a bit yesterday – but AJ is hated by every fanbase in baseball, sans the White Sox.  He knows that, went in-depth on it and doesn’t give a flying fuck about it.  That’s exactly why White Sox fans love him.

Other tidbits include the time he almost shit his pants in the middle of an inning against the Cubs at Wrigley because he ate bad fast food before the game, Hawk Harrelson stories, of course 2005 stories and how he’s kicked it with presidents and his WWE career:

Loaded show with a Bears post mortem.  We’re on to baseball season. All gas, no brakes, let’s go