Red Line Radio Epside 85/2 - Bears Meltdown, AJ Pierzynski Interview, Manny Machado Sweepstakes Update, Let's Go #AllGasNoBrakes

Red Line Radio post mortem.

Look, Sunday sucked.  The public was hammering the Eagles and every cent that poured into them made me more confident the Bears would win by 2 TDs.  We break it down, place blame, accept blame, and try to gather ourselves after our brains were completely broken from the double doink.  Just the worst.  Carl obviously took it the worst:

Then we had AJ Pierzynski on the show.  We recorded with AJ a couple weeks back and obviously broke down our favorite moments from the 2005 team, as well as his fight with the Cubs and Michael Barrett:

He still holds a grudge against Barrett for this, and as a grudge guy myself, I loved hearing that.

And how Journey became the official rally song of the 2005 team:

and how he literally doesn’t give a FUCK if other teams and fanbases booed him.  He is hated by 29 teams in baseball.  Loved by 1.  Born to be hated.

AJ made his prediction on the Machado/Harper sweepstakes, said he offered Hahn, Williams and Reinsdorf help with said sweepstakes only to be ghosted by those three as well.

It was as good as a Chicago sports podcast could possibly be following a crippling loss.  It was an all gas, no brakes episode by an all gas, no brakes crew.

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