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Sam’s Army Podcast – Ep. 41: Pulisic Transfer Talk + Midweek Review (f/t City vs Liverpool)

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Hi haters™,

It has been a helluva week, boys and girls, so sit back and relax while SAM’S ARMY talks you through all the ins and outs of what went down, featuring:

– In-depth discussion about Christian Pulisic’s BIG MONEY sale from Dortmund to Chelsea (and immediate loan-back), including what it means, how he will fit and how the hell non-Chelsea fans should feel about it

– Lessons learned from City’s win over Liverpool [starting at 19:40]

– Recap of all the midweek results, touching on the Bournemouth/Watford ridiculousness, Ole Gunnar’s first semi-test with United and the ramification of Burnley’s win [starting at 45:15]

Power Rankings of the Top 4 and Bottom 3 [starting at the 1:03:25]

Preview + Predictions for this weekend’s FA Cup (third round) action wherein all the big swinging dicks of the EPL cracker factory will finally be involved [starting at 1:05:05]


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