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New Year, New Logo, New Sponsor, New Podfathers Season

The ball has dropped at Times Square, everybody’s hangovers are (mostly) gone, and Podfathers Season 3 has kicked off with a shiny new logo and a fresh presenting sponsor.


That’s right, the Podfathers have taken over the #Milkboyz persona from the little known Barstool podcast known as *checks notes* Pardon My Take. If they want it back, they can come take it from 3 hefty fathers that have dad strength and an unlimited amount of anger from years of raising kids, which is significantly harder than raising a goldfish because you can’t just buy a new kid if your old one dies.

In fact, the only thing old about Podfathers is Large’s 47 year old ass and he is the craziest fuck out of the three of us. So run out a few minutes of this cursed short holiday week to catch up on what we did during the holiday break, what our New Year’s resolutions will be, answer some mailbag questions, and share a heartwarming story over some delicious milk and cookies.