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Red Line Radio Presents: Episode 1 - WE'RE FULL TIME

Goooooood morning good afternoon and good evening Chicago sports fans this is Barstool Carl and today is January 2nd, 2019. We here at Barstool Chicago HQ are ab-so-lute-lee DEEEEELIGHTED to bring you our first Red Line Radio as full-time employees. This has been a long day coming for all of us from the first blogs 6 years ago to the first podcast 2 years ago to getting picked up this summer to the Chicago Bears blowing up the NFL to every little thing that has come between these moments. This is so huge and like I said we are so pumped to bring Barstool Sports back to Chicago officially.

This week, we open the show with heavy Full Time banter including what to expect from us, a new daily show and plans to take over Chicago sports media. We’re going back to the OG Barstool roots that made this the absolute best place on the internet period end of story.

After we get done blowing ourselves, we get into heavy Bears talk with an outstanding preview from none other than Eddie. Who else would you want to hear it from?

Then we get into a nice little sit down with Jeremy Roenick to talk about things like Sega NHL ’94 and why he is such a sweet dude. Some old training stories are in there too. Guy is a fucking LEGEND. And then we double down with Eddie Olczyk inviting WSD and Chief into his home for some beefs and EXTENDED Blackhawks behind the scenes.

We close with a grabbag because how else do we close this show? It’s got new years stories and resolutions, and lots to look forward to in 2019.

Thank you to everyone who has made this happen. There’s so many people that have allowed us to realize this dream and it’s impossible to thank everyone, but it really doesn’t happen without all of you. From the random eggs on Twitter that motivated WSD to run a marathon to Dan Katz taking a chance on us in 2013 to help build Barstool Chicago to Dave & Erika’s vision with us as this thing blows up. It’s all insane to even think about. So I’ll do my best not to and just sum it up again with two simple words: THANK YOU.

Now 4 more words.