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Best Of CCK - Week 5 - Dana White, Ball in Cup League, Victory Worm, And Rocket vs The World

Monster episode recapping the best moments from the entire week of Clancy and the Rockets. 10 hours of show time boiled down to 2 in order to bring you the best moments from Rocket and Kayce Smith. Rocket took on every female in the office by telling them guys are gonna cum fast and thats all there is to it. Kayce took particular umbrage with this statement because apparently she just fucks for sOoOoOoOo long. Dana White basically did an entire hour with us in one of the best interviews of the year. Guy is worth 500 mil and sat with us shooting the shit like he was one of us. Frank the Tank was on that Victory Worm shit, and we had our first ever live simulcast of a sanctioned Ball In Cup League Friday Flip.