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PMT 12-17 - Dana White + NFL Week 15

NFL Week 15 Recap and fastest 2 minutes. The Bears clinched the North, the Browns are somehow still alive, Collinsworth went goofy on us, and Romo had an orgasm. We clean up the playoff picture and predict who will be making that good noise in the playoffs. Who’s back of the week. UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about his feud with Oscar De La Hoya, the evolution of UFC and pro fighting, how he is the greatest actor of all time every time he acts disappointed in McGregor, and the weird days of affliction shirts and true religion jeans. Segments include Lowmans trophy finalists for the best FB in the country, new segment “What the fuck is Mike Tomlin saying?”, PR 101 for Marlins Man and the Black Sox scandal, Pinstripe Update, Hank hot in the streets, and Mondays Readings “Lenny Dykstra is now a torah scholar”.


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