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Nick Cannon Joins KFC Radio To Talk Kevin Hart At The Oscars, Beef With Kanye, Eminem, And Everybody Else

Nick Cannon on the show today and he’ll talk just about anything. He’s been in the news a lot recently regarding the Oscars so he tells you why Kevin Hart is such a genius, why he’s not about the hypocrisy of who gets called out and who doesn’t. Nick also had a little run in with Kanye and Kim. Is he afraid of going at anyone in the celebrity world? He says no and I believe him since he’s already fought with Howard Stern and Eminem.

Also Kevin recently bought a treadmill which is crazy. I try to have sex with a ghost live on air. Finally, we’ve got your voicemails: would you take the ability to teleport if it meant someone in the world died whenever you used that ability, could you frame your friend for murder, would you rather have to run whenever you’re walking or shout whenever you’re talking, and a girl is wondering why her boyfriend wants a very specific butt plug.