Sam’s Army Podcast – Ep. 34: MLS Cup w/ Trill Withers + Champions League preview

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Hi haters™,

New episode of SAM’S ARMY is here and safe to say it is a doozy. We start out hot with a fully lubricated discussion of MLS Cup with special guest Trill Withers (of Mickstape) that was taped soon after the final whistle in Atlanta on Saturday evening. I haven’t listened to it back yet in part because I’m a little afraid about what exactly came out of our mouths.

Also, in case you were wondering the answer is yes, this episode does contain an interview with Atlanta United superfan Waka Flocka

In addition to that though you can expect a full recap of the EPL results that took place last weekend, featuring a breakdown of the Chelsea/City game (and Bournemouth/Liverpool butt whuppin)


As well as a full preview of all this week’s Champions League action

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Weekend preview BLOG coming Friday ahead of a big weekend of games, featuring (among others):


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