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Sam’s Army Podcast – Ep. 31: Champions League review + EPL/Dærby Day Preview (f/t Arsenal vs Spurs)

Sam’s Safe Space for Soccer Stoolies


Hi haters™,

So much going on in the Land of the Lawn Fairies, so little time. We got Matchday Five of this season’s Champions League group stage to talk about…


…and biggggg ass weekend in EPL – featuring dærbies galore on Sunday…


…as well as around the rest of the world…


…and to start things off there are a couple hot topics that everybody is already talking about that we would be remiss in not offering the final word on.

What’s that? You are intimidated by the breadth of topics contained here? Well fear not, dearly beloved soccerista, because we have included some handy dandy time stamps so that you can listen to what interests, and ignore what doesn’t – super nifty!

So sit back, relax and smassssssshhhhhhhhhhhh that subscribe button:

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Hate podcasts but love blogs? Well you are also in luck. The weekend preview your brain wants with the predictions your wallet needs will be dropping later today… but only because I love you. (Go ahead and smash that subscribe button anyway though – let’s call it a little quid pro quo for grinding away on the blogs… after all, pity subscriptions count just as much as real ones last I checked.)

Ps: how about some soccer sex to get your Friday rolling in the right direction:

Samuel Army