Sorry Dan Dakich

In this episode of Pros and Joes, Frank responds back to Dan Dakich ripping him during his ESPN broadcast of the Wisconsin/Virginia championship game in the Bahamas. They showed some highlights of Frank when he played and won MVP of the Battle For Atlantis tournament his senior year at Wisconsin…if you know the history of the beef between these 2, you understand why Dan took this cheap shot shot during his national TV broadcast.

dan dakich

A reallll gutless move by a very insecure, not so intelligent, once failed head coach at Belmont University. To Dan’s credit, he did get Belmont to NIT tournament twice during his 10 years as the coach there, but unfortunately for Dan he never made it past the first round. It’s a really really sad story that we won’t go further into because we feel bad for Dan’s failures as a coach….

oh he also filled in as head coach at Indiana after Kelvin Sampson’s resignation for being a cheater…Dan went on on to go 0-2 in postseason play that year, losing in both the first rounds of the Big Ten tournament and the NCAA tournament. Again, a real sad story that we wont expand on.

Basketball - NCAA - Indiana vs. Chattanooga

oh and Indiana declined to offer Dan the job at Indiana the following season and opted to go with Tom Crean. These are some sad stories man…

Dan goes on to say that Frank cares more about Twitter than his basketball career in the NBA during his mediocre Broadcast of the Wisconsin/Virginia game, which is just a laughable statement. Yeah Dan, Frank really cares more about tweeting than trying to have a long-term NBA career.

Dan is clearly still upset that Frank disowned him on Twitter a few years ago while Dan tried to defend his stance on why NCAA players should not be compensated. Dan directly targeted Frank’s former teammate and good friend at Wisconsin, Nigel Hayes. That’s what really got Frank’s attention.


The common consensus was that Frank embarrassed Dakich badly during this Twitter feud, and to this day that hurts Dan all the way down to his core. I mean, to take cheap shots national TV where a guy like Frank can’t even defend himself has to be the softest move ever right?

Frank decided to be the bigger man and talk about his feelings towards Dan on the Podcast this week…we are really hoping Dan doesn’t listen because it might hurt his feelings.

Give it a listen here:

You have to give it to Dan though, he tries really hard at the things that he does. He even gave a stab at being a sports insider recently with all of his “sources.” Let’s just say, his attempt at being the head coach at Indiana University was probably more successful than this one.

dakich tweet #1

dakich tweet

As you can see this didn’t work out for Dan and we feel really bad about it. It hurts to mention these kind of things by such a stand up guy who always tries to say and do the right things all the time. Sorry Dan, but this ones on you buddy.


Or should we say “Child Please” as Dan so loves to say.

This brings us no please to write for the public to see, we even wanted to have Dan on the show to discuss their differences in a formal manner. But it’s hard to see that ever happening after this. Again, another sad story.

Enjoy the episode!

P.S. thanks for the easy content, Dan.