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Sam’s Army Podcast – Ep. 30: Champions League preview f/t PSG vs Liverpool

Sam’s Safe Space for Soccer Stoolies


Hi haters™,

We have reached Matchday Five meaning that a lot of teams – *cough* Spurs *cough* – are literally playing for their Champions League lives today, and no better way for you to prepare for the long liquid lunch break you have scheduled then to start getting your mind right now by listening to the latest episode of SAM’S ARMY!

If you want to learn about all the crazy shit that has been going down in the world of soccer over the past week or so, including the Copa Libertadores Superfiasco and a wild weekend in EPL, La Liga and Bundesliga, then press play and start from the beginning.

Alternatively, if you are just interested in the Champions League preview your brain wants and/or predictions your wallet needs, then fast forward to (roughly) the 56:00 mark. Easy peasy.

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YOUUUUUUUGE weekend ahead with the North London and Merseyside Dærbies on deck


plus much, much more… so I’ll be back with another episode on Friday morning and a weekend preview blog to follow (relatively) soon after.

Samuel Army