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PMT 11-16 - 49ers George Kittle + Week 11 Preview

The Green Bay Packers are dead (maybe). The Seahawks save their season with a great Thursday Night Football game. Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on everything. Week 11 Preview with our loser leaves town, are we sure they’re good, and game of the week games. Fantasy Fuccbois. 49ers breakout star George Kittle joins the show to talk about playing for Kyle Shanahan, his love for Panda Express, how he gets in the zone in a game, and remembering the worst game of football every played. Segments include Uhhh ya think for Nick Saban not having internet, Sabermetrics Mike Wilbon thinks wins are more important than statistics, trouble in paradise Golden State Warriors, Fair Play Mike and Mike, and Hanks grab bag.