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Would you rather only rock footwear from KFC’s closet or never be able to watch Jonah Hill movies for the rest of your life? This week, the boys faced this and many other BIG questions asked by the 9.6 million members of the Fail Gang. If you don’t already know what the fuck’s going on, it’s another phoned in edition of the FU Hotline™️.


James is in LA so of course you know we had to call it with another episode featuring the FU Hotline™, answering BIG questions only from the best and brightest members of the 9.6 million strong Fail Gang. The boys reveal how much money they make, give out Chuck’s phone number, get a surprise call from Lawrence’s fiancé and check back in on James’ porn diet. Then, tune in to Captain’s Log/Letters to Home for the rare Fit Check: Boyz Edition.