Listen To Red Line Radio Episode 76 Or Else

I remember a marketing class from college that said consumers buy out of fear as much as any other emotion so excuse me for getting a little aggressive with the header here. I just want to draw some attention to what is quite literally the best all gas no brakes Chicago sports podcast on the internet. Unchallenged because it’s legitimately unmatched, and if you’re wondering, yes that’s the attitude it takes to go into business with White Sox Dave. We say all gas no brakes for a reason, and it means not giving one fuck as you move full steam ahead at all possible times.

In the present case, that means 109 gripping minutes of the hottest Chicago sports takes mixed with regular Chicago takes mixed with a little home made Italian Beef with sweet peppers. Eddie is back from a long vacation El Paso Texas where he was scouting out the 2019 Professional Bull Riding circuit to follow up on literally the best Barstool Chicago blog ever written.  WE’RE IN THE BULL RIDING BUSINESS FOLKS BUCKLE UP.

Episode 76 includes the best White Sox Daze moment within the first 60 seconds of the actual show we’ve witnessed in some time. Hint, Led Zeppelin did NOT sign the Declaration of Independence. Other notable items include the Bears being in first place, ND stomping Northwestern (kinda), hot ass stove talk with a delusional White Sox Dave and a trolling Carl. The Hawks are in a body bag zipped up and floating down the call sag. The Bulls look awesome if you want them to get the #1 pick. And a bunch of other random Chicago stuff that should make your heart warm if you’re into things like steak sandwich reviews, thick accents and blowout arguments regarding whether or not you can say you’re from Chicago if you’re not from Chicago.

Special thank you to Sponsors Tropical Bros and Napleton’s River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM. Consume their shit so we can keep doing these podcasts.