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You ever wonder what happens when FU records after dark? Sam Lerner of ABC’s ‘The Golbergs’ joins the fail gang for a late night chat about his micropenis, dating a YouTube star with ten times as much clout, and a potential FU x Goldberg’s crossover. Things get extra spicy when Sam’s celebrity masseuse slathers James in essential CBD oils and the whole gang catches a secondhand high. Buckle up for another episode gone off the railingtons. Once again, you’re welcome.


Buckle the fuck up for one of our rowdiest episodes of all time: IT’S FU AFTER DARK. James and Lawrence are joined by the least famous Hollywood actor to ever come on the pod: Sam Lerner, aka Geoff Schwartz from The Goldbergs. Lerner joins the boys to talk about how the Fail Gang is infiltrating Hollywood, losing awards to Sir Ian McKellen, and swinging big networking dick at a Bat Mitzvah. Then, in a very sauced-up Captain’s Log/Letters to Home, the crew discuss the only podcast merch that matters, the FU capsule collection. COP UP!