Ever wanted to interrogate your former boss for 2 hours? Well, we did just that. Rich is the CEO of Complex aka the guy who refused to pay us our worth before it was cool (looking at you, Pres). You already know we laid into his millionaire ass for the most turbo exit interview of all time. Just another opportunity for you to live vicariously through The Only Podcast That Matters™, baby!


Season six coming in hot with an ear-slap just like you knew tf it would be my g! Fresh off the Jonah ep, James and Lawrence are flying high with another absolute banger featuring Complex Networks’ CEO Rich Antoniello. Their former employer joins the boys for over two hours of head shots and boss talk, including how to make serious coin in streetwear, truffle-hunting in Italy, and why Fashion Bros was WAY ahead of its time. Then, in Captain’s Log/Letters to Home, the boys salute all of the true warriors behind the only subreddit that matters, r/failingupwards.