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ZBT #110: Intel Expert Malcolm Nance, Ye & Kid Rock In The WH, A Navy Mom Goes Overboard

Today’s episode features musicians, murder & moms gone wild. Here’s the breakdown:

00:00 – 12:09 : MY NAME IS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID ROCK! Yep, Kid Rock & Kanye West were both in the White House in the same day & our minds exploded a little bit. At the very least, were we not all entertained?

13:13 – 20:10 : Mom overboard on social media… A Navy Mom (blue star x3 no less) takes to Twitter to spout off about her #1 son & sets the internet ablaze. We talk military parents, pride & being ‘valor adjacent’.

21:32 – 27:04 : It was a shitty ‘welcome home’ for an Airman returning to the states from deployment when he discovered his bags were covered in poop from the plane’s malfunctioning septic system.

27:07 – 57:35 : Intel expert Malcolm Nance joins Chaps in a discussion about the murder of a journalist in Turkey by what appears to be Saudi Arabian killers. It’s a fascinating conversation that breaks down the history leading up to this awful event & what it could mean for our relations with the Saudis.

Along the way we also give a shout out to all the troops working through Hurricane Michael & all those out there helping people out.

If you’re in NYC you should join us next week at the Headstrong Gala where all 3 of us, along with other Barstool folks, will be celebrating an organization that does great things for veterans.