Jon Taffer And Dan Soder Join KFC Radio To Give "Advice From An Adult" And Tell Outrageous Stories About Being Robbed

Little something for everyone today. First, as is tradition, we dance on the Yankees grave. I mean, we really jig the fuck out of it.

Then we handle a little business and explain why we’ve stopped doing Quickies (for the time being, hopefully) and what’s coming down the pipe.

Jon Taffer joins us to give us some Advice from an Adult and also invites us out to Vegas to do it right, seeing as I’ve never *really* been except for a two day work trip.

Finally, the always hilarious Dan Soder hops in studio to answer some voicemails about a wife masturbating next to her husband in bed and another wife forcing her husband to sit when he pees. We also go over activities to do with Kevin’s new Flamethrower and Dan tells the story about when he got robbed, hogtied, and pistol whipped in college because his roommate was a drug dealer.