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Jim Norton Joins KFC Radio To Talk Opie And Anthony, And Comedy As A Whole In 2018. Robbie Fox Also Tells Us About Almost Getting Killed By Khabib's Crew

Today we’ve got Jim Norton with us telling tales of the old days and discussing what it’s like trying to be funny today. Really interesting stuff and probably not what you expect from an OG like him, as he really doesn’t feel pinned down with today’s “climate,” to use an overused buzzword.

Robbie also joins us to talk about what it was like to have the Russian mob basically put a hit on him while in Vegas.

Finally, we’ve of course got your voicemails. If your family got a call saying that you were arrested, what would they assume it was for? Would you rather have the Bang Bus be your only mode of transportation or a scooter? Is taking a first date to a wedding genius or stupid? If a girl asks what kind of porn you watch, what should you say?