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PMT: 3X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson, Bartolo Colon + Week 4 Preview

– Jared Goff is in the zone and maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. We talk about where we would sit at a Jared Goff vs Blake Bortles Super Bowl.

– Preview of NFL Week 4 including our Loser Leaves Town, Are We Sure They’re Good and Game Of The Week.

-Fantasy Fuccbois.

– 3X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, Jeff Fisher, and what it’s like being fast, plus bonus Lendale White in studio with him.

– 21 year MLB Starter Bartolo Colon joins the show to talk about his nickname Big Sexy, how he stays in such great shape, why he’ll never touch Adrian Beltre’s head, and how many times he watches his 1 home run (thanks to our colleague Liz Gonzales for translating).

– Segments include PR 101 Rovell did a bad tweet, Thoughts and Prayers to CC Sabathia, Spinzone Tristan Thompson, Break in case of Emergency Jimmy Butler trade, and FriYay Grab Bag.