Sam’s Army Podcast – Ep. 11+: the ‘Champions League Matchday 1 review and EPL weekend preview’ edition

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Hi haters™,

New episode of Sam’s Army podcast is hot off the metaphorical presses this morning and we got a lot to talk about now that the first matchday of the Champions League group stage is in the books and a handful of exceedingly important games coming up this weekend in EPL and elsewhere… so point being: go head and hit the subscribe button.

Topics du jour include:

• What did we learn about Liverpool from Tuesday’s win over PSG? That said, in spite of all the recent winning going on at Anfield – or perhaps because of it – is there trouble brewing in paradise??


• Tottenham, proud owner of three straight losses: Not dead? Kinda dead? All the way dead?

• What do contrasting results for Manchester clubs say about fortunes going forward and [spoiler] whether Paul Pogba could sneak into the FIFPro World XI this year.


• Was Ronaldo’s controversial red card in his Champions League debut for Juventus deserved? Why, oh why wasn‘t VAR there to save the day? What happens now??


• Did this week’s performance by Bayern’s Renato Sanches prove he was a mole sent by one of Big Cat’s enemies to destroy Swansea?

• Plus the world‘s greatest weekend preview of all the important EPL games WITH MORTAL LOCK (not really) PREDICTIONS that money can‘t buy, featuring scalding hot West Ham vs blazing hot Chelsea (upset alert?), might Arsenal vs extremely non-mighty Everton and quite possibly the most important game Spurs have played all season (at Brighton).

• Somebody – not naming names (okay, it me) – sees a lottttttttttt of upsets on the immediate horizon……

• Quick lap around the world to check in on what is going down in La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga, as well as some incredibly MASSIVE dærbies going on just outside the four big singing dicks of the European soccer cracker factory.

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As I have mentioned before, the plan is to post weekend preview BLOGS to complement the podcasts so stay tuned for that. (In the meantime don’t be shy about pounding that subscribe button as if it were your own meat to help put food on the table for me and my unborn children.)


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