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Sam’s Army Podcast – Ep. 6+: USMNT roster, Messi’s POY credentials & [*irony alert*] Sam fixes Arsenal

Sam’s Safe Space for Soccer Stoolies


Hi haters™,

I know what you are thinking: “Godamit! My soccerboner was just starting to get fluffed this season and we are already at an international break?”

I feels ya. But the good news is that you don’t have to wander through the next couple weeks aimlessly by yourself as Jimmy and I will still be here to help walk you through all the important things going on in the world of jogo bonito.

In fact, here is a rundown of all you can look forward to in the latest (and some are saying the month’s greatest) episode of Sam’s Army podcast:

• Break down of the newly released USMNT roster for friendlies against Brazil (Friday and Mexico (next Tuesday), including thoughts on some controversial inclusions, exclusions and absences


• Messi not on FIFA shortlist for POY – was the wee man-god unfairly snubbed?

• What did we learn about Watford and Tottenham from the former’s 2-1 win on Sunday?

• Sam singlehandedly fixes Arsenal

• Jimmy and Sam almost come to blows over whether Chelsea is a legitimate title contender this season

• Recap of all the EPL action

• Rundown all the big results throughout the rest of Europe and the Americas, including updates on Kylian Mbappe, the Milan teams, Old Firm and a check-in on how our good friend Rafa Marquez is doing in jail Liga MX

Reminder: these will be dropping every Tuesday and Friday (until they kick us out) so Jimmy and I will be back later this week with a more in depth look at how the USMNT stacks up against Brazil and what specifically to be looking for, as well as all the other action to keep an eye on this weekend from throughout the lovely land of lawnfairies.

I do have one small request though: tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors and your teachers and your dentists… tell anybody and everybody about the gosh dang podcast to help spread the gospel of the beautiful game wide and far while simultaneously landing what quite possibly could be the mortal blow to the hordes of “not a sprot!1!!” mouthbreathers still lurking in our midst:

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