Barstool Newest Employee Ellie Schnitt Joins KFC Radio And Claims She's "Incorruptible"

Today we’re joined by Barstool’s newest hire, and Twitter monster, Ellie Schnitt. She’s a very upbeat and positive girl and we try and tell her that those personality traits will be short lived here. I truly hope she proves us wrong, but the internet, and Barstool in particular, is batting a thousand at making sure those aren’t lifelong characteristics. We wish her the best on her impossible mission.

Voicemails include is the bartender really into you, asking a girl out via a podcast message (didn’t go well), the best rom-com of all time, and the ultimate Bridezilla (typing that word felt weird) tale.

Listen up. Ellie’s gonna be a star and you can say brag to all your friends that you heard her here first.