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How To Blend In With Famous People

In case anyone was wondering how to blend in with famous people, we’ve got some tips in here. We were lucky enough to get invited to one of the VMA after parties and that’s how we (I) dressed, like an asshole. Like a hot asshole.

That’s my tip for blending in with famous people, which is a completely unnecessary skill: look like an asshole according to internet commenters. Sure, I’ve been beaked for the outfit but guess what? I know I looked good. People looked at me like “wait who is he” while I was nobody. Hats fuck, remember that forever.

Also would you rather have eyebrows that go to your hairline or no eyebrows at all? What do you do with a coworker who cuts their nails at their desk? Would you rather laugh at every joke or laugh at zero jokes? Finally, FUCK ppl who Torrent movies.